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Hello! My name is Morgan and I moved to the beautiful island of Oahu on January 19, 2012, from Boston, MA. Since moving to Hawaii, hiking has become one of my passions. I love to find new trails outside of Hawaii when I am traveling on vacation!

Butano State Park, California

Butano State Park, California, 1/15/18

This past weekend I got to check out a new California State Park with my two friends Rachel and Dan! Butano is located in the Santa Cruz Mountains between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay. The entrance we used was just across from Ano Nuevo State Park (where you can see the elephant seals). I'd never heard of Butano before we visited.

We spent about two hours here strolling along the Six Bridges Trail and Little Butano Creek Trail. The redwood trees were magnificent. It was very quiet and we barely saw any other hikers, but the parking lot was full so we knew we weren't the only people on the trails!

There were so many banana slugs this time of year I had to step carefully because I almost killed 3 by accident. They were everywhere!

It was a lot of fun and I always love to explore somewhere new. I hope someday I can come back and explore more of Butano's beautiful trails!